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If a person comes into a physical store, looks around for a while, and then leaves without buying anything, this typically means that the retailer will never get the opportunity to follow up on that lost lead.

However, for businesses with an Internet presence, that is not the case. Business websites can use retargeting to continue providing potential customers with awareness of a product, service or brand, in the hopes that they might one day return to the site to make a purchase or learn more. Retargeting ads are displayed to the website visitor as they visit other sites on the Internet, making sure that the prospect does not forget about the original business site as they continue to think over their buying decision.

Why does retargeting work?

Retargeting works because only about 2 percent of all online customers will make a purchase the first time they visit an e-commerce website. Today’s customers spend a lot of time making purchase decisions because they want to make sure they’re getting a good deal and buying the product that’s right for them.

By displaying retargeting ads to the other 98 percent of visitors who left without making a purchase, you can continue to keep your brand involved in the buyer’s thought process. You can also display special limited-time discounts or ads that communicate what makes your products a good purchase–both things that could help make the prospect’s buying decision a little bit easier.

Who can use retargeting?

Although retargeting is commonly mentioned in the context of e-commerce websites, where customers actually make purchases over the Internet, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case: retargeting ads can be useful to any business that has a web presence, and would like to turn a higher percentage of their web traffic into paying customers.

Retargeting ads can be particularly beneficial for organizations that promote more expensive products and services, such as car dealerships, furniture retailers, and plastic surgeons. No reasonable consumer could be expected to make such a large purchase on a whim. The buying lifecycle is particularly long for these kinds of decisions, so retargeting ads can help make sure that the company is still at the top of the consumer’s mind when they finally are ready to make a purchase.

How can Central New York Media help with your retargeting efforts?

Central New York Media can help your company make the most of its retargeting efforts by tracking and segmenting website visitors who don’t convert, formulating offers and ads that will work well for particular segments of website visitors, and then getting those ads in front of the right viewers at the right moment.

Following these retargeting best practices, Central New York Media  will help you bring back as much non-converting web traffic as possible. We’ll also help you track your retargeting campaigns, so you can see for yourself which retargeting ads are bringing the most return on your investment. This will help you further optimize your campaigns going into the future.

Benefits of Retargeting:

Increase conversions
Maximize front-end campaigns
Recapture lost leads
Turn lost visitors into customers
Increase ROI

We are excited to put our knowledge of the local area to work for your business. Our retargeting services can help you grow you business by maximizing the amount of web traffic you convert into paying customers. Contact us or call 607.798.1325 for your free custom consultation today

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