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At Press&Sun-Bulletin Media, we take great pride in the results we are able to deliver to our clients. Here are a few recent examples of customers we have helped out:

"We've had Press&Sun-Bulletin Media promote our Facebook page since November of 2014, and we couldn't be more pleased with the results we've gotten. We track where our new patients come from, and in the last year, we've gotten 20 new patients via our Facebook page, and it's all thanks to Press&Sun-Bulletin Media. Their staff has been extremely professional and easy to work with, and we love the transparent reporting we get each month. We'd recommend Press&Sun-Bulletin Media to anyone trying to grow their business."
- Beth Harendza, Johnson City Family Chiropractic.

Specialty Retail
"I'm a 19th century kind of guy, but I knew that I couldn't ignore social media's impact any longer. The work Press&Sun-Bulletin Media has done to promote our Facebook page has been nothing short of incredible, and they've proven their value in spades. In just 6 months, our Facebook following has grown by the thousands, and many items we advertise sell the same day they are posted. We're getting, and keeping, new customers from a solid 200 mile radius from our store, and we largely attribute this to Facebook. A huge thank you to Press&Sun-Bulletin Media for all your support."
- Jim Mead, Early Owego Antique Center.

Events/Venue Rental
"After trying for quite some time to manage and promote our Facebook page internally, we determined that we needed  help us if we wanted to grow and reach more of a regional audience. Press&Sun-Bulletin has proved themselves to be a true partner in this regard - in just four months, our fanbase doubled, growing from around 4,000 to nearly 8,400 likes. We decided that we wanted to promote rental opportunities for special events such as weddings, and we've had a substantial increase in event inquiries and bookings since then. Press&Sun-Bulletin has allowed us to take our marketing efforts to the next level."
- Jason Fiume, Roberson Museum & Science Center.

Real Estate
"I have been happily advertising with Press&Sun-Bulletin Media for several years. As a Real Estate Agent, it is important that I have a presence in the community so that all prospective home buyers and sellers know my name. Because my weekly print and online advertising keeps my name top-of-mind, I regularly get calls not only from new clients, but from ones I worked with years prior who are ready to start the home buying process again. I have to budget my advertising dollars carefully, and I feel that Press&Sun-Bulletin Media gives me exceptional value and return on my investment. Thank you Press&Sun-Bulletin Media for helping me achieve continued success!"
- Shirley Cundy, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, RealtyUSA.

"The Matthews Auto Group has advertised with Press&Sun-Bulletin Media for many years, and while the impact of digital media is unavoidable, we still find great value in traditional newspaper advertising. Print has proven to be one of the most flexible and cost-effective mediums we utilize, and we constantly receive new and returning customers via our ads in the Press & Sun-Bulletin. The quality of service we receive from the team at Press&Sun-Bulletin Media is greatly appreciated, especially considering the juggling act they have to manage between our multiple stores and brands. The Matthews Auto Group will continue to be a loyal customer, and thank Press&Sun-Bulletin Media for being a valued media partner to our dealerships!"
Kathy Breno, Matthews Auto Group

Home Improvement
"Our customers are both homeowners and contractors, so we knew that we needed a marketing strategy that would help us reach both audiences. Press&Sun-Bulletin came in and really listened to our business needs and came back with an advertising plan that included Print Advertising, Digital Display Advertising, and Pay Per Click Advertising on the Search Engines. Almost immediately after our campaign went live, we started receiving consistent leads, and have even closed several jobs because of our ads. Press&Sun-Bulletin Media really made believers out of us, and we sincerely thank them for all the help they've given us."
- Terri Kinter, Alliance Custom Stoneworks

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