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Your Customers are Mobile. Are You?

Just advertising online isn’t enough anymore. If you want to reach your customers, your marketing messages need to move with them. Posted on Thursday, December 7 in Making Your Marketing Work.

More than 64% of American adults own a smartphone and it’s safe to say that percentage will only continue to grow.  For many, mobile devices are the primary way they access the Internet. In fact, one study showed that the average individual checks their phone about 46 times a day [2]. These statistics strongly suggest that mobile devices have now become an integral part of the modern consumer’s lifestyle.

The rise of mobile presents limitless marketing opportunities. The Internet is no longer tethered to the desktop—consumers can get online anytime, anywhere. Can you say the same for your brand?

Mobile marketing is a must-have

Mobile marketing is vital for any business that wants to take advantage of the opportunity to reach more consumers. Four out of five consumers use their smartphones to shop, and 40% of shoppers will consult three or more channels before making a purchase [3]. These numbers show just how powerful mobile devices can be in the purchasing process. Mobile marketing helps ensure that your brand is present when consumers are ready to buy.

Additionally, many consumers are beginning to leave the desktop behind. One study shows that mobile now represents 65% of time spent on digital media [4], and desktops are becoming more of a secondary touch point for many digital users. Because of this, neglecting mobile marketing can mean missing out on connecting with a considerable portion of your target market.

Strategize to stay with them

When it comes to mobile, there is more than one way to attract and engage customers. Here are just a few mobile marketing strategies that you can use to grow your audience:

  • Develop creative, informative, and relevant mobile video that engages and delights your local audience.
  • Create mobile display banner ads to promote brand recognition and target consumers in the area.
  • To increase visibility with your customer base, display ads in apps that are popular with your target market.
  • Use mobile web ads to attract consumers who are browsing the web from their mobile devices.
  • Place mobile ads on social media sites like Facebook to show your content to consumers who are visiting the channel from their mobile device.

Mobile-friendly is not optional

While you work to create dynamic and effective mobile marketing campaigns, it’s also important to ensure that your website is optimized for your mobile audience. Since ads often drive consumers back to your brand’s website, you need to make sure your website is easy to navigate and read from a mobile device.

Need help mobilizing your campaigns?

Are you ready to reach consumers wherever there are? We’ve got the insight, strategy, and mobile solutions to reach your consumers at home and on the go. Download our Digital Trends whitepaper to learn more about adding mobile to your advertising mix. You can also contact us online or call 607.798.1325 .


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