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Video is Worth . . . $28 Billion

Video isn’t the future—it’s the right now. You customers are consuming hours of video every day. Is your marketing keeping up with the times? Posted on Thursday, February 16 in Breaking Through the Clutter.

Though some businesses are hesitant to invest in digital video marketing, it is quickly becoming the norm. If you ignore this significant opportunity to connect with consumers, you may very well be left behind in the fast-paced, competitive digital marketplace.

The new gold standard

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. But how much is a video is worth?

According to the latest marketing statistics—quite a bit! Consumers love watching video content, and businesses big and small are starting to take notice. In fact, one study predicts that digital video ad spend will reach $28.8 billion in 2020 [1], which will make video the fastest growing format on both desktop and mobile devices.

Video marketing is an effective way to attract, inform, and engage more consumers. As digital video continues to gain popularity as a marketing device, more and more business owners are investing in short digital videos. In this post, we’ll discuss types of digital video marketing and how this visual tactic can quickly and effectively expand your audience reach.

Move them with motion

Your consumers’ attention is pulled in multiple directions at once. Video content helps catch their eye and keeps them engaged longer. There are many ways to use video to reach, inform, and delight your target audience.

Here are just a few types of digital video marketing:

  • Video advertising on your website or social media pages
  • In-stream digital ads that appear before, during, or after viewer-selected content
  • Informative content about your products, services, or other relevant topics
  • Brand-sponsored content that appeals to the target market

Videos like these keep audiences interested across devices. Most successful video content incorporates audio, captions, animated elements, or interactive live links that drive traffic back to your website.

Give them what they want

Naturally, you’re always looking for ways to stay competitive in the digital marketplace. This means investing in strategic marketing tactics that will maximize your budget. The most significant benefit of digital video marketing is that the medium is continually expanding its reach and popularity. Currently, over half of U.S. residents watch videos every day, and 78% of Internet users in the U.S. watch online videos each week [2]. This presents a tremendous opportunity for tapping into a growing audience.

Consumers are also more likely to engage with short digital videos on your website or across social media, especially with features like captioned auto-play on Facebook, which allows users to watch video content silently in public places, even while they are on-the-go. Not only does video content attract the attention of an often busy and distracted modern audience, but it can also help with influencing purchasing decisions. By incorporating your content into one of the most engaging digital marketing formats, you can encourage customers to act.

We can help!

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