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Keeping Pace with Online Shoppers Posted on Friday, July 28 in Increasing SalesBinghamtonElmiraIthacaRegional.

Even for items that are usually purchased in-person, you must meet the needs of online shoppers. Whether or not your inventory can be purchased on your website, you need to ensure that tech-savvy shoppers and info-hungry researchers can find you—and what they want to know—online.

Mobilize Your Website

Not only are people shopping and browsing online, they’re doing so on all their screens. From tablets to smartphones, your website needs to look great and function well across devices. With 35% of auto intenders using their smartphones to conduct online research, you need to ensure your website is responsive. [1]

Make Your Inventory Browseable

When it comes to new car browsing, buyers can make a lot of headway online. They can simply go to the manufacturer website to compare features and even build their ideal vehicle. With used cars, it’s not as easy for consumers to do their research online. So, why not make it easy. For each vehicle on your lot, take photos of every feature and angle and consider making a video tour of the interior and exterior, perhaps even taking viewers on a test drive.

Make Prices Easily Accessible

When it comes to getting leads, it can seem counterintuitive to post pricing on your website. After all, especially with used car sales, price is often negotiable and can be a starting point for conversations that focus on features, benefits, financing, and dealership perks. But online shoppers want instant gratification, and they may stray to another website if they don’t get it.

If you’re not comfortable posting your sticker or “internet” price online, be sure to make getting pricing as easy as possible for consumers. Take it beyond “call for a quote,” and make it as easy as pressing a button with a simple lead form. And remember, many consumers would rather converse via email than phone.

Advertise Online

Once you’ve mastered your online presence (from ensuring your website is search engine optimized to managing your online reputation), it’s time to raise your brand’s profile and drive traffic to your website with digital marketing. Consider any or all of the following tactics:

  • Digital Display – This is the online equivalent of a print ad, increasing brand awareness—and with targeting and retargeting, you can be sure your message is reaching the right audience.
  • Mobile – Consumers take the Internet with them wherever they go, and mobile ads will ensure that your message reaches them wherever they are.
  • High Impact – These highly engaging, interactive ad units attract attention and inspire action.
  • Pre-roll Video – These fifteen to thirty-second commercial-style videos play before viewer-selected content, reaching your potential customers when they’re most engaged.
  • Branded Content – Content is how people prefer to learn about products and services. This softer approach to advertising allows you to educate and empower consumers, associating your brand with thought leadership.
  • PPC – These ads appear when Internet users search for specific keywords and terms, and you only pay when users click on your ads. Additionally, Pay-Per-Click ads boost your brand above organic search results, raising your visibility.

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1. "How to Make the Most of Your Dealership Advertising Budget," by John Wingle;; 12/7/2015

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