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Capitalizing on Trends Posted on Monday, August 28 in Increasing SalesBinghamtonElmiraIthacaRegional.

When you know your field, keeping up with industry trends isn’t much of a challenge. However, knowing what products and services are up-and-coming and understanding consumer demands doesn’t mean you know how to capitalize on that information. In business (as with everything else), knowledge is power, and knowing how to take advantage of consumer trends is the key to growing your business.

The Great Outdoor Demand

From patio furniture retailers to awning and canopy dealers, businesses specializing in outdoor living spaces know that people love enjoying the great outdoors in comfortable, familiar settings. The trick is reaching consumers who are likely to be in the market for additions or upgrades to their homes and yards. With data-driven strategies, you can use targeted messages to reach recent home buyers, pool owners, and those who can benefit from complementary products and services (e.g. marketing patio furniture to customers who have recently installed a deck). And don’t forget about businesses—they have outdoor-loving customers, too. Businesses, especially restaurants, are increasingly offering outdoor spaces and shade to their customers.

Again, the key is knowledge. A marketing partner can provide the insights and expertise you need to layer targeted, timely tactics into your overall marketing strategy.

Safety and Conservation

Natural light is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, being able to enjoy sunlight throughout the year on a deck or in a patio enclosure can help homeowners conserve electricity and lower energy bills. On the other hand, outdoor spaces increase exposure to UV rays which can be harmful. Safety and conservation are increasingly popular topics with consumers, and you can transform them into selling points. Depending on your business type and the time of year, adjusting your ad messaging to play-up the benefits of your products and services can capture consumer attention and inspire action. Additionally, providing content on your website can help educate and empower homeowners when it comes to making decisions about their outdoor living spaces.

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