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There are few things more exciting than driving off the lot with that new-car smell still in the air, which is why buying a new vehicle remains a touchy-feely transaction. Even millennials take a break from their smartphones to test drive that new SUV they’ve been eying—but only after hours of research on multiple devices.

To capture the millennial shopper’s often divided attention, auto dealers must maintain a consistent presence across all digital platforms, ensuring that they’re always accessible. These young shoppers know exactly what they want and are accustomed to getting it quickly, reliably, and without all the hype.

They’re ready to start their engines.

Contrary to popular belief, millennials are ready, willing, and able to purchase a new vehicle. Millennials account for 26% of new-vehicle retail sales, and 35% of millennials say that they are looking to buy a car in the next year. Don’t let the lower end of their age range fool you—it’s not all eco-friendly compacts for this set. This emerging demographic includes a wide range of ages and lifestyles, so don’t underestimate millennial buying power. They’re in the market for everything from minivans to luxury sedans.

Mobilize your message to get them up to speed.

Though many millennials have left their school days behind, they still know how to do their research. These up-and-comers are smart and savvy, so it’s no surprise that they look online for consumer reviews, feedback from peers, and the best deal for almost every purchase. Why would something as big as an automobile be any different?

When it comes to research, it’s not car catalogs that they’re thumbing through—it’s websites. Whether they’re hitting up social media or price comparing on the go, millennials spend much of their time on mobile devices. That’s why it’s critical that you get some screen time with a well-orchestrated digital presence. Your website should be on message and mobile optimized, your social presence [link to Social Media Landscape post] should be active and diverse, and your online reputation should be managed and maintained.

The showroom may not be the finish line.

Waving the checkered flag may be a bit premature. Millennials are willing to visit multiple dealerships before making a purchase. And they’re known to use their smartphones to look for a better offer while they’re still in the showroom—making an online presence all the more critical to making the sale. This group knows what they want and how to find it, and they won’t hesitate to walk right out if they don’t feel like they’re getting the best deal. That’s why it’s very important for dealers to make the process as straightforward and transparent as possible, from pricing to financing.

We’ve got the inside track.

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