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Thanks to YouTube and Pinterest, everyone is an expert—at least they think they are. Though professional home remodelers have studied and honed their crafts over many years, stayed on top of technology and trends, and perfected their techniques over the course of their careers, some people think they have the know-how to redo their bathroom or lay tile in their kitchen after a ten-minute tutorial.

According to one survey, 45% of all homeowners and 59% of millennial homeowners think they’re better at maintaining their homes than a professional. [1] Though your expertise is clearly a differentiator for your home improvement or remodeling business, it’s time to start highlighting service.

Focus on Convenience and Savings

Many people don’t understand that DIY isn’t necessarily the cheaper way to go. Once they buy their materials at retail prices, purchase tools that they may only use once, and sacrifice their free time, any savings have will have likely disappeared. Focus messaging on the benefits of hiring a professional: convenience, time savings, cost efficiency, etc. And if you offer any warranties and guarantees, use them to emphasize your commitment to doing the job right.

Offer Help and Support

Not surprisingly, DIYers don’t always go it right. The same survey quoted above found that 52% of homeowners who have tackled home projects have needed to hire a professional to fix their mistakes (including 78% of millennial homeowners). [1] While those stats are probably satisfying for you as a professional, try not to rub it in. Instead, offer help and support. Approach these jobs with respect and understanding. To target homeowners in need of such fixes, consider offering information and content on your website around fixing DIY mistakes. Perhaps even show some before and afters, including tips and showcasing your expertise. Not only will site visitors appreciate the support, if you add content with SEO in mind, your website will rank high in organic search results.

Collaborate on Pre- and Post-Sale Improvements

There is a big opportunity for home remodelers with home buyer and sellers. Whether a homeowner is trying to increase the selling price or they’ve saved money on a fixer-upper, 26% of home renovations are driven my housing sales. [2] You can reach this market with messages tailored to people who are selling or have recently purchased a home via channels like targeted digital advertising, direct mail, and email.

We Can Help

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