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Despite the voracious growth of digital sales across all segments, 72% of consumers purchase furniture and homewares in person, and only 28% research their purchases online first.i

What value does a digital presence provide for an industry where customers continue to prefer brick-and-mortar stores?

Digital shoppers have bigger baskets. When customers make furniture and home furnishing purchases online, they spend more than other sectors: averaging $295.73 per transaction. Further, conversion rates, average order values and revenues per visit were up year over year.ii


Pinterest and Instagram were made for nesting – and referrals. While Facebook and Twitter dwarf other social media sites in size, Pinterest and Instagram are best suited for engaging customers and driving primed audiences back to retailer websites. Home décor is one of the most pinned and popular categories on Pinterest and Instagram – activating these social channels is critical for driving referrals.

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