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Beyond the New Year Posted on Thursday, February 15 in Breaking Through the ClutterBuilding Your BrandIncreasing SalesMaking Your Marketing WorkReaching The Right AudienceBinghamtonElmiraIthacaRegional.

Traditionally, the new year presents a big opportunity of health and fitness industries. That’s not surprising when you consider that the top resolutions for 2017 were related to weight loss. [1] But it’s that time of year again, when all of those well-intended resolutions fall by the waste side. Steady gym-goers know those crowded first weeks of the year are only temporary. Sadly, so do fitness centers.

Research says that only 8% of people who make them, keep their resolutions. [2] But why?

Why do they drop off?

From unrealistic expectations to lack of preparation, excuses abound. And understanding the reasons why people stop going to their local gyms and fitness centers can create an opportunity to retain customers and attract new ones.

They Don’t Try Again: If only 8% are successful, that means 92% of people who make resolutions, break them. The good news is, the intent to lead a healthier lifestyle is there. Fitness centers can bring customers back around by fostering skills and behavior that make goals more achievable.

The Goals are Too Big: It’s easy to dream big, but it’s harder to make those dreams a reality. Encouraging customers to set simpler goals with realistic milestones will help them stay focused. Consider offering counselling or free consultations to help them build a sound strategy.

They Miss their Progress: When the goals are too big, the small progress that’s made each day can be easy to miss. Offering assessments, measurements, and tracking can open customers’ eyes to their achievements.

They Don’t Make Time: Generally, a new year doesn’t mean life slows down, and people often fail to find the time to achieve their goals. Make it easier for customers to fit fitness into their lifestyles by offering early or late hours or by creating routines and classes that are designed to fit into a lunch hour.

They Go it Alone: As the proverb says, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” As evidenced by the reasons listed above, going quickly is unlikely. Setting up groups and support systems can help customers go far.

Be the Support System They Need

Putting new programs and offerings into place is just one piece of the puzzle. Gym and fitness center owners also need to promote these products and service with messaging that emphasizes the consumer benefits. And using social media channels can build the sense of community and even provide a support system. Additionally, content marketing is a great way to education local prospects and customers about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and provide the information they need to reach their goals.

We can Help You Become a Resource

Just like those consumers with their resolutions, you need a partner to help you reach your business goals. We can help you find your target audience and connect with them. We’ve got the insights, strategy, and tactics to reach, inspire, and convert customers. Ready to position yourself as a thought leader and resource in the community? Contact us or call 607.798.1325 for your free custom consultation today


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2. “7 Secrets of People Who Keep Their New Year's Resolutions,” by Kevin Kruse; Forbes; 12/26/16

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