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Scoring High with Digital Posted on Wednesday, August 2 in Increasing SalesBinghamtonElmiraIthacaRegional.

It’s that time of year. Though students are riding high on school-break freedom, the dog days of summer are approaching, a return to responsibility looming in its wake. Exam prep centers know that now is the time to start thinking about capturing the attention of students and their families. As you look at your marketing plans, don’t forget to add digital strategies and tactics to your marketing mix.

Target High-Potential Audiences

Digital advertising allows you to serve different creative to different audiences. Based on age, geography, and psychographic data you can develop messaging promoting PSAT, SAT, and ACT prep courses and services to the right audiences at the right time. Furthermore, advertising platforms such as trusted news sites, ad networks, search engines, and social networks allow you to hyper-target your audience for each message, nimbly optimize your campaigns, and maximize your budget.

Delivering targeted, actionable messaging to high-potential prospects will complement your overall brand awareness campaign tactics (e.g. traditional media placements and broader digital messages).

Educate Prospects on Other Services

With the nearly universal experience of standardized testing and the big news in 2016 about SAT test changes, many consumers pigeonhole prep centers as being for high school students who have an eye on college admission. Digital tactics are an excellent way to inform local audiences about the other courses and services your center offers. From the pithy messaging of a PPC ad to content-heavy web pages and blog posts, the Internet offers many opportunities. Whether it’s career exams or private tutors, you can change perceptions and educate prospects.

Highlight Differentiators

When it comes to exam preparation, “free” can seem like a four-letter word for centers. The Internet offers free resources and tools from a variety of both reputable and dubious sources. To combat the allure of a no-cost product, you need to promote the value of your paid services. From top teaching/training talent to customized support, demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of your offerings—and don’t forget to showcase positive results with customer testimonials. And consider offering some free content of your own. You can develop resources that provide information and test-taking tips that encourage users to reach out to your center for customized, expert support. Materials like these can be a compelling CTA for your digital ads.

We Can Help

Whether you’re just getting started with digital market or you’re looking to refine and optimize your approach, we can help. We’ve got the expertise, insights, trusted platforms, and quality audiences to maximize your marketing budget and get results.  Contact us or call 607.798.1325 for your free custom consultation today

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