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Cosmetic surgery, defined as an elective subcategory of plastic surgery, is projected to increase 3.7% to a 14 billion dollar industry in 2015. (1) A growing acceptance among consumers, increased disposable incomes, and advancements in technology are fueling a positive outlook for this industry. As cosmetic producers grow in popularity, so does the number of men looking to enhance their appearance.

More men in the waiting rooms.

Women have undergone over 9.6 million cosmetic procedures last year, making up 90% of the market. However, if your marketing only focuses on female patients, you could be missing a growing segment of your clientele. The number of men that have undergone cosmetic procedures has increased by 42% in the last year. So, though it’s true that women still make up the majority of patients filling these waiting rooms, there’s an opportunity to increase the number of men flipping through before-and-after books.

Find out what men want. 

The desire to look younger and remain competitive in the workplace is driving an increase in age management procedures among male patients, including less expensive, more frequent treatments like Botox. Before you spend one penny on marketing, it’s important to understand how to find your target audience as well as their temperament and behaviors. This will allow you to focus your efforts and maximize your budget.

Make your messages specific.

As the number of men seeking cosmetic treatments increases, so will the need to tailor your messaging. Your marketing will make a stronger emotional connection if you have multiple creative messages that appeal to men and women. Also be sure to address these top factors cited when choosing cosmetic services: (2) 

  • Results
  • Cost
  • Recovery time

Take a multifaceted approach.

Now that you know you need to reach a wider audience and tailor your messaging, do you know how to reach them? This duel target requires a multi-platform approach. Among the top platforms that drive patients to take action: (3)

  • Search (56%)
  • Email (52%)
  • Digital Banners (51%)
  • Social (50%)

We can help you look your best.

Analyzing and applying the research, developing a creative strategy, and a implementing a multi-platform campaign management is a lot of work—especially for a busy (and growing) practice. We can help you solve the marketing equation that will motivate consumers to take action. Want to learn more? Contact us online or call us at 607.798.1325 to learn more.


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