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Lean into the Fear of Missing Out Posted on Friday, May 26 in Increasing SalesBinghamtonElmiraIthaca.

Millennials are officially of drinking age—every one of them. And they are enjoying a variety of adult beverages, but the challenge is they are enjoying these drinks at home with friends. It’s an unfortunate fact that in the U.S., there are now 17% fewer bars. And between 2004 and 2014 one out of every six bars in the U.S. closed. The culprit? The growth in popularity of home entertaining or “home-tainment.” How can bars and nightclubs compete with low-cost, convenient, and less risky home entertaining and socialization?

It’s All About the Experience

For Millennials, the key is to tap into their fear of missing out, or FOMO as you may have seen or heard. Fueled by social media, Millennials are always connected to one another and have visibility into all of the events and milestones their friends and family enjoy. This constant stream of highlights breeds a wanting—to have highlights of one’s own to showcase. What better way to bring them out to your establishment than giving them something they can share in the social feeds?

Host Can’t-Miss Events

Consider building a calendar of low-cost, turn-key, unique events. These need not be high-cost, highly produced events—in fact, the more authentic the experience, the better. Theme tastings and flights coupled with an expert or local celebrity appearance work nicely, as Millennials enjoy learning and sharing. Another opportunity is to build out music and food additions to round out the experience: partner with local musicians and food trucks. An example might be a tequila tasting with a mariachi band and a local taco food truck. Get creative with the resources you have on hand and locally!

Give Them Something to Share

Whatever your event might be, don’t forget to share it across all channels: your website, in social media, with local bloggers and tastemakers, and in local magazines and publications. Remind your guests to share their images wildly, and look for ways to entice their engagement (giving away a bottle of the tequila that was tasted randomly, for example). Remember, anyone who misses the event won’t know they missed out unless you (and your guests) tell them!

We Can Help You Attract Millennials

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