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Three Tips for Recruiting with Video

Increasingly, businesses are using video to energize their marketing brands, but why stop there? It’s time to put your recruitment in motion. Posted on Friday, July 14 in Breaking Through the ClutterBinghamtonElmiraIthacaRegional.

When it comes to the world of business, video can provide a powerful lift to your company’s marketing efforts. Video delivers a visually engaging experience for the viewer and helps you show the value of your products and services.

Today, videos can be produced for a low cost and be distributed across a range of platforms. They’ve become a key marketing tool because they deliver results. On social media platforms, videos are shared 12 times more often than photos and text combined. [1] That level of engagement makes them key components of any well-executed marketing strategy.

Put Recruitment in Action

Many companies don’t take advantage of leveraging video to reach beyond their customers. By showcasing great work culture, benefits, and career opportunities, a company can better connect with potential job seekers who may be a great fit for its workforce.

Great recruitment videos differ from product and marketing videos because they target a different audience. Companies that want to maximize the impact of video in their recruitment efforts should take care to tailor the message so it speaks to their ideal job candidates. Here are a few tips on crafting recruitment videos that will draw in top talent.

1. Show, Don’t Tell

Keep the message focused on the work life of employees. Candidates want your video to show what an average day looks like at your company. Avoid long interviews with leadership; instead let the employees talk about why they enjoy working for you. A study by Edelman Trust found that opinions on work culture expressed by frontline employees are three times more credible than information shared by CEOs. [2] Your employees can be the most powerful brand ambassador for your recruitment efforts if you let them.

2. Overuse It

Maybe your company already has a recruitment video, but it’s buried somewhere deep on your website? Companies with compelling stories to tell can miss opportunities if they make it hard to access the video. Feature a link from your home page. And be sure to post it across all your social media platforms. Let your customers know that you’re a great place to work, too. They may want your products and not a job, but they may know someone who could be a good fit. By exposing more people to your video, you’ll strengthen your recruitment brand and increase positive word-of-mouth referrals, which will make hiring easier in the future.

3. Have Fun, But Do It Like a Pro

In our YouTube universe, anybody can take out a cell phone, make a video, and post it online in seconds. Those spontaneous moments certainly can complement your recruitment brand. But when job candidates are researching possible career changes, they want to know if a company is serious about its culture and mission. If you only have two minutes to engage a job seeker, you need a solid, professionally produced presentation. It doesn’t need to be a pop music video—but today’s candidates are savvy, and they expect companies to put their best foot forward when recruiting top talent. Take time to plan what you want to showcase, and work with a video expert who can translate that into a powerful recruitment message.

We’re Here to Help

We have the resources to help you produce professional and effective video communications, and we can help you put those videos in front of qualified, talented job seekers. For more information, call us at 607.798.1325 or email.


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2. “How to Build External Trust by Engaging Employees,” by Christopher Hannegan; Edelman Trust Barometer; 05/29/2014

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