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Digital Marketing Minute

Every week we share trends and articles on digital marketing. Posted on Tuesday, March 13 in Breaking Through the ClutterBuilding Your BrandIncreasing SalesMaking Your Marketing WorkReaching The Right AudienceBinghamtonElmiraIthacaRegional.


3 ways reality is about to get mixed, according to the inventor of the HoloLens.

Platform news

Have you heard of mixed reality? It is combination of augmented and virtual reality and we’re on the tip of this new technology.

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How can I tell if my social media strategy is generating results?

Tereza Litsa |ClickZ

 “The average person spends just under two hours a day (116 minutes) on social platforms, which means a successful social media strategy is imperative for marketers. But, how do you make sure your strategy is effective?”

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How can you optimize your landing page for maximum conversions?

Mike O’Brien | ClickZ

According to Princeton psychologies, you only get a tenth of a second to make a first impression. That’s a quick one and it is where many people will have their first interaction with your company. 

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