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The Challenges of Reaching an Omnichannel Audience


Interest in cross-channel integration is at the forefront of many marketers’ minds. Marketers are all pushing for an omnichannel, holistic view of their audiences, but that vision requires integrating audience insights from three core areas: TV, digital and in-store. And that poses substantial challenges.   Read More









How to Spy on Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads

Nathan Mendenhall | Social Media Today

Ever wondered what kind of Facebook Ads competitors in your space are running? Do you sometimes feel like you hit a creative wall with your ads?

You're in luck - I have a great way to spy on your competitors’ Facebook Ads and ways to get different ideas for future campaigns. This tactic was shown to me by an amazing colleague of mine and I just had to share.

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4 Steps to Success with Predictive Analytics

ECM Tech News


By examining your historical business data, you may be able to explain what happened in the past and why. But you can also use these historical data to predict the present and the future, and even tailor your business processes to counter the predicted negative spirals and automatically sort for you prospects based on the odds of success. The technology is ready, but how to successfully implement your real-time analytics?

Let’s take a look at an example. Imagine a visitor surfing on your website and you have information that is good enough to understand the profile of this visitor, you can then adapt the content of the website according to visitors with a similar profile have frequently read or downloaded in the past. You then undertake a real-time action based on information from the past.

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