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Every week we share trends and articles on digital marketing. Posted on Friday, November 24 in Breaking Through the ClutterBuilding Your BrandIncreasing SalesMaking Your Marketing WorkReaching The Right AudienceBinghamtonElmiraIthacaRegional.


A Rant About Newspaper Advertising Declines

Gary Meo| INMA Media Research Blog

“Why do advertisers continue to leave print when there is so much evidence to prove that print advertising works?

We all know printed newspapers provide mass reach. Nearly 46% of U.S. adults read a daily or Sunday newspaper in print every week — that’s more than 114 million adults. We also know printed newspaper readers are affluent. More than 37% have annual household incomes of US$75,000 or more.

And we know print is still the preferred platform for many adults who access newspaper content. Among the U.S. adult audience that consumes newspaper content across platforms (print, e-edition, Web site, and mobile), the percentage that accesses that content exclusively in print is 46%.”    Read More


Millennials Seem to be Key to Meal-Kit Subscription Success

Monica Melton | eMarketer Retail

“Meal kits face an uphill fight to reach a broad audience, but millennials are considerably more interested in prepared food services—and are likely to be key to their long-term success.

According to a July 2017 study conducted by Fluent LLC, an advertising technology company, 16% of US internet users subscribe to a meal-kit delivery service. But millennials were found to be considerably more likely to subscribe than non-millennials.”   Read More



Be the Best Answer: 5 Steps to Grow Influence for Your Brand

Lee Odden| Top Rank Marketing Blog


“Be the Best Answer” is an expression my team and I have used many times in client strategy planning, training, presentations, webinars, blogging, and in my book Optimize about the intersection of search with owned, earned, paid and shared media.

Being present in a relevant, credible and useful way on all the channels where buyers are looking is a powerful (but often difficult to execute) way to provide the kinds of customer experiences that greatly differentiate one brand from another.

So how can your company take advantage of growing brand influence by working with industry influencers?  Here are 5 guidelines for building brand influence you can follow:”

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