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Every week we share trends and articles on digital marketing. Posted on Wednesday, June 7 in Breaking Through the ClutterBuilding Your BrandIncreasing SalesMaking Your Marketing WorkReaching The Right AudienceBinghamtonElmiraIthacaRegional.


10 Brilliant Social Media Examples for your B2C Content Marketing

Val Melamed,

Content marketing and social media marketing are not only equally important, they also go hand in hand.  Every great branding campaign needs quality content backed by kickass social media pages to boost traction. A creative, informative and well-crafted blog is time wasted if your audience never has the opportunity to read it.  Read More






The Psychology of Social Sharing: How to Shape Your Content According to What People Want to Share

Adrienne Branson,

There is no magic formula to going viral. Even if some blogs make getting shared big-time look effortless there simply is no 100% foolproof method to ensure that your content will reach huge audiences and inspire them to pass it on. And that’s a good thing because it means those strategies cannot be abused.  Keep reading to learn what drives people to share, and how to present your content to succeed on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  Read More


Social Media Marketing on Mobile: Grow Your Business with These 7 Mobile Content Strategies

 Ritika Tiwari,

The fact that screen sizes have gotten smaller plays a key role in today’s visual content revolution.  Since less information is in your field of vision on a phone (and since only a handful would stay long enough to read lengthy writeups), content needs to be presented in bite-sized but accessible ways. And you know what they say: a picture paints a thousand words.  We are already past the tipping point — the number of mobile users has surpassed the number of desktop users, with more than 60% of the traffic coming from mobile. Among social media users, 80% access their accounts via a mobile device.  Read More

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