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Every week we share trends and articles on digital marketing. Posted on Friday, May 26 in Breaking Through the ClutterBuilding Your BrandIncreasing SalesMaking Your Marketing WorkReaching The Right AudienceBinghamtonElmiraIthaca.

6 Social Media Marketing Lessons That Samurai Can Teach You

Lisa Kalner Williams l Agora Pulse

Inspiration is everywhere. All that is needed is observation. For marketers, especially, this inspiration can come from the most unsuspecting corners, like the Samurai.

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3 Quick Short Video Ideas – Shake Up Your Visual Content

Donna Moritz | Socially Sorted

Stuck for what to post?  Need some quick short video ideas to shake up your content?  You’re in the right place!  In this post I share 3 quick short video ideas that you can create in no time at all for more engagement. 

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How to Use Facebook Live in 6 Easy Steps

Nick Rojas | Top Dog Social Media

Every business needs to incorporate social media into their marketing strategy—regardless of the size of the company or the industry. But, social media is about much more than just writing status updates and posting pictures. Today, businesses must be prepared to try new tactics such as livestreaming on Facebook Live

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